Every human being is born young. Each one of us was once a toddler. As a child, you and I had special needs like some crops first have to be attended to in a nursery bed, so are our children. In a nursery bed, crops are given special care so that they can come out ready to manage all the weather conditions after transplantation.To all parents with toddlers, Blace Preparatory school is the most reliable “nursery bed”/kindergarten that you can take your child to. Children need very special care, attention and training to enable them learn to survive in this changing world....and this is what we have mastered to do.

I am pleased to inform you that we are blessed with outstanding professional teachers that have a great deal of expertise and impeccable experience in handling, training and delivering knowledge to our children. God bless you as you bring your child to Blace Preparatory school where learning begins.


We are committed to promoting Morals,Mental&Physical Skills.


To produce citizens who can easily adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society.

Our Values

•God Fearing-We put God first in whatever we do. We believe that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.(Proverbs 9:10)

•Courtesy–We value and nurture politeness in the learner’s attitude and behaviour towards others.

•Result oriented–We believe and work towards Excellency not only academically but also in other spheres of life.

•Responsibility–We nurture our learners to owner their behaviour, have courage to think and act independently, demonstrate problem solving and decision making skills, be reliable and trustworthy.

•Innovation–We nurture curiosity, imagination, creativity, experimentation and perseverance.

•Community action -We nurture learners to take care for our environment & community.


Where Learning Begins!


Our Curriculum is designed to competently prepare the child to face the challenging tasks ahead of him/her as far as primary level is concerned.

Day Care

•Startling class (1-2 years): Here children are involved in activities that help to stimulate their brain for development such as Water play, Sand play, singing, listening to stories, listening to music, dancing, Toilet training, sleeping, etc.

•First class (2-3 Years): Here Children majorly enjoy play The various activities at this level promote speech and vocabulary, improve oral expression and enhance listening and speaking skills. Activities for this group include playing simple music instruments, watching TV, painting and colouring, bouncing castles, bicycle riding, balancing things with hands etc.

Nursery Section

•Grade I/Baby class for children of age 3-4 years and Grade II / Kindergarten/Middle Class for children of age 4-5 years.

•Throughout this section, our highly professional and experienced teachers work tirelessly to introduce the child to the various education/Academic disciplines and co-curricular activities. The child is competently prepared to face the challenging tasks ahead of him/her as far as primary level is concerned.

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Our Signpost

Ms.Bulyaba Grace

Head Teacher

Ms.Bulyaba Grace

With Pupils in class

Kids playing during games time

Games Time

Pupils Van

Pupils in Class

Pupils playing together

Parameter wall for protecting Pupils

Class Time

School Front View

Baby Jo Blessing in the Play Room

Parameter Security Wall

Inside Classroom

Play Ground

Resting Rooms

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Photo Introduction

Beginning of 1st Term,2018

Dear Parents, first term is set to begin on Monday 29th Jan,2018. Please prepare accordingly.

Ms.Bulyaba Grace-HEAD TEACHER


Our Pupils







What we do outside the Classroom

  • Sports
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Swimming

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Bugujju-Mukono about 100m opposite UCU Tech Park Gate.
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